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Since their inception in 1946, Bergelectric has made its mark on the construction industry by providing the highest quality electrical and technology contracting. They have branched out from their original Los Angeles headquarters, opening regional offices in San Diego, Orange County, Las Vegas, Orlando, Portland, Phoenix, Sacramento, Denver, Austin, Ventura, Seattle, and Reno.

With the dedication of more than 2,300 employees coast to coast, Bergelectric has constructed world-class commercial, healthcare, biotech, correctional, educational, entertainment, government, hospitality, industrial, renewable energy, and retail facilities nation-wide. Bergelectric is currently experiencing the largest backlog in company history as well—strong financial resources and unlimited bonding capacity allow them the flexibility to pursue virtually any project.

Successfully traversing nearly seven decades since their inception required raw determination balanced with vision, a progressive attitude, and a desire for continuous improvement. Armed with accumulated knowledge and the motivation to raise the bar on each new project, Bergelectric is a proven performer with a reputation for staying ahead of the curve and creating inventive solutions. Their in-house technology systems, BIM coordination, prefabrication, and state-of-the art materials management methods have provided tangible clients benefits.

Bergelectric's progressive approach to improving customer service, use of advanced technologies, focus on preplanning, proactive design capabilities, along with their ability to take on the nation’s most challenging projects make Bergelectric a “Best In Class” contractor—keeping customers coming back again and again.
Escondido, California, US
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Steve Parks
Chief Strategy Officer US
Steve Parks
Chief Strategy Officer

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