Big Rock Brewery Ltd.
Sponsorship overview
1984 was a simpler time. Men were men, hard drives were just how you got to Edmonton and beer was either "lager A" or "lager B". But noted beer fan Ed McNally was thirsty for a real choice.

At the time Ed was quoted as saying that his plan was to "make the beers that I want to drink, not what will be popular."

At Big Rock, we see partnering with local events, charities and organizations as a great way to share our craft with the community, and introduce our beers to new and existing customers.

We are excited to partner with a wide range of community activities, especially those with a focus on creativity, culture and the arts, where beer is available.

Before you proceed to our application process, please review the following:

As an alcohol vendor, we have a company mandate to avoid association with domestic and family violence, youth or youth-related organizations or charity events surrounding issues where alcoholism could potentially play a role.
We do not sponsor youth sports or indeed any youth-related activities for obvious legal-drinking-age reasons.
Athletes/local sports teams. While we support each and every one of you in spirit, we can't sponsor all of you. Therefore, to remain neutral and fair, sport is one community-focused activity that we do not sponsor. Sorry.
We try to lend our support to as many events as we can, but as a small company we can only do so much. The more notice and information you can provide, the better we can figure out how best to contribute to your event. While our sponsorships and partnerships team will do their best to get back to you with a detailed response in a timely manner, they need at least one month's notice to review your request and figure out the best way Big Rock can lend a hand
5555 76 Ave. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, CA
T2C 4L8
Beverages - Alcoholic
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Dave Maess
Marketing Manager | Partnerships & Events CA
Brenda Sgaggi
Marketing Coordinator
403-720-3239 CA

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