Mojo Licensing LLC.
Newport Beach
Sponsorship overview
With our Mojo and Denco lines of rolling luggage, duffels and backpacks we are making an impact in the travel/luggage market. Founded in 2010, we carved a unique nitch in the industry by adding pro team and collegiate logos to our quality line. We are the only company capable of doing this based on having licenses from the four major professional leagues and over 100+ universities and colleges.

All of our luggage, bags and backpacks are designed to maximize the packing and traveling experience by providing secure, organized and convenient packing and light weight sturdy construction that provides easy maneuverability through crowds and easy overhead loading.

As a company we strive to provide unmatched consumer service and no out-of-stock conditions. We provide fast turnaround and delivery anywhere in the US from our 100,000 square foot warehouse in Fresno, CA. We are fully EDI intergraded with our full state of the art ordering system. We are very proactive in building programs with our customers to help sales growth as well as marketing for our products. In addition to our current line of styles that cover all major categories, we will be introducing exciting new products throughout 2019.
Newport Beach, California, US
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Mike Allen
Co-Owner US
Mike Allen

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