Mt. Olive Pickle Company Inc.
Mt. Olive
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Mount Olive Pickle Company, Inc. was formally organized on January 2, 1926. Few companies can boast a
90-year history. But for the 13 shareholders present in S.L. Warren’s office that January day, the meeting
was an inauspicious convergence of business and civic enterprise. They founded a pickle company to
create a market for local farmers, believing its success would benefit the local economy.
Little could those original shareholders envision the fruits of their endeavor 90 years later. Mt. Olive
Pickle today carries the name of its hometown to all 50 states, and in 2017 Mt. Olive is the best selling
brand of pickles, peppers and relishes in US grocery stores.

Even as it has worked to achieve its position as the leading national brand, it has remained true to
its original proposition. For nine decades Mt. Olive Pickle has served as a mainstay in the economic
well-being of its community. It has done so by focusing on the ultimate goals that are closer to home:
to produce an excellent product, to provide a fair return for its shareholders, to be a progressive,
compassionate employer, and to remain a valued corporate citizen in the community.
Mt. Olive, North Carolina, US
Food, Grocery and Agriculture
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