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The GoldTech Retail Manager™ (GRM) is your complete Retail Management System (RMS) which focuses on superior point of-sale (POS), production management, donation tracking, store management, inventory control, business intelligence/analytics, and more. It provides all the features needed for the apparel, boutique, department, grocery, and thrift store industries. It was created by GoldTech, is constantly developed by GoldTech staff, and is supported in-house by GoldTech employees.

GoldTech knows every business is different and that there is no “one-size fits all” solution. The GoldTech Retail Manager™ is tailored to your management style within the framework of how you do business, both now and in the future. We take great pride in our ability to fully configure our system to your needs and deliver the ultimate in support to our clients, whom we consider partners.

The right technology will have reaching impacts on the retail business, and we’re here to make that process easier. Our promise is to provide the most innovative technology on the market, enabling superior operational performance, all while providing their customers with the ultimate retail experience.

• If you can power up a register, the GoldTech Retail Manager will deliver - NEVER turn a customer away due to outages
• 24/7/365 FREE technical support on GoldTech software
• The GoldTech Retail Manager will always grow with your company:
◦ 1 – 99,999 registers per store
◦ 1 – 99,999 stores per chain
• Train your employees in under 30 minutes with our user-friendly screens
Greenville, South Carolina, US
Sponsorship partners
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Allen Steck
Director of Strategic Initiatives US
Kelly Orr

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