Hyland Levin Shapiro LLP
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Hyland Levin LLP was founded in 2009 by a group of 11 attorneys who made the collective commitment to focus exclusively on the practice of law, without being distracted by a lot of red tape often associated with large law firm practice. Comprised largely of business and transactional, real estate and land use attorneys, making the successful move to open a new firm in one of the most difficult economic environments has been praised as both smart and gutsy by clients and colleagues alike.

The core strengths of Hyland Levin lie in the experience, reputation, relationships, work ethic and the character of the firm's attorneys and staff. Each and every person believes in the philosophy that the client comes first and swift, effective, results-driven service is more than a goal. It's a standard of practice.

Hyland Levin attorneys concentrate their practices in the areas of business and transactions, real estate, land use, leasing, environmental law, general and commercial litigation, franchise and distribution, immigration, liquor license regulation, tax and estate planning, business planning and real property tax appeals.
Marlton, New Jersey, US
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Benjamin Levin
Managing Partner
levin@hylandlevin.com US
Benjamin Levin
Managing Partner

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