Agrium Inc.
Sponsorship overview
Agrium was acquired by Nutrien.

Producer and marketer of agricultural nutrients, industrial products, specialty fertilizers, and a retail supplier of agricultural products and services in both North and South America producing nitrogen, phosphate and potash as well as controlled release fertilizers and micronutrients.

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PLEASE NOTE: Agrium's Program does not include donations to individuals or businesses. Contributions are limited to registered charitable organizations and registered non-profit societies. Click here to review Agrium's funding limitations and exclusions
13131 Lake Fraser Dr. S.E.
Calgary, Alberta, CA
T2J 7E8

Food, Grocery and Agriculture

Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Richard Downey
Director of Investor Relations 403-225-7357 CA
Todd Coakwell
Senior Director, Sustainability and ESG Disclosure
403-225-7437 CA

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