Carrier Canada
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It all began in 1902, when the first “modern air conditioning system” was invented by Willis Carrier in Brooklyn, New York. Carrier created more than just a new industry; he redefined and revolutionized home comfort. These innovations led to increased productivity at work, allowed people to comfortably attend the theatre or go shopping in the middle of summer and even made it possible to have year-round skating rinks.
And so in 1914, air conditioning was used for the first time in a private residence. Then, in 1928, Carrier proposed the first system adapted for the retail trade as well as the residential “Weathermaker”, which regulated heating and humidification as well as air purification and circulation.
Today, Carrier continues to innovate by developing environmentally sound products like Puron®, superior-quality humidity control systems and more. Thanks to our exclusive products and our loyalty to our customers, Carrier has become a multinational company serving millions of people and businesses in 172 countries on six continents worldwide. Carrier’s dedication has allowed it to cross over into all spheres of society, from national defense to commerce, industry, sports, entertainment and home comfort.
1515 Drew Rd
Mississauga, Ontario, CA
L5S 1Y8
Sponsorship partners
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Brian Raymundo
Operations Supervisor CA
Brian Raymundo
Operations Supervisor

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