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Diageo is the world's leading premium drinks business with an outstanding collection of beverage alcohol brands across spirits, beer and wine. Today, Diageo selects the properties that best meet its key objectives, negotiates for rights and benefits that serve its corporate goals, pays the fair market value for sponsorships, and is better equipped to measure and assess its portfolio for optimal performance. For more information about its sponsorship approach.

Innovation forms a crucial part of Diageo’s growth strategy, playing a key role in ensuring that our brands are well positioned for continued growth. At Diageo we want to partner with the most innovative technology companies and pioneering entrepreneurs around the world to deliver breakthrough innovation for both our business and our industry. Diageo Technology Ventures makes it easy for new companies to engage with Diageo for the opportunity to:
- Prove their technology by working with some of our world-leading brands to deliver pilot projects
- Work collaboratively with world-class marketers, brand leaders and mentors
- Leverage the global reach and influence of Diageo to scale up solutions.

For more about the Diageo Technology Ventures, go to http://www.diageo.com/en-us/ourbusiness/diageo-technology-ventures/Pages/default.aspx
2623 Dunwin Drive
Toronto, Ontario, CA
M3H 6A7
Beverages - Alcoholic
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