Apotex Pharmachem Inc
Sponsorship overview
Apotex Pharmachem is a global fully integrated API R&D and manufacturing organization with its headquarters located in Brantford, Ontario, Canada and is a member of the Apotex group of companies.
Currently employing more than 1600 highly-skilled and motivated professionals globally, Apotex Pharmachem has multiple facilities around the world located in Canada, India, Mexico, and China.

As a conscientious corporate citizen, Apotex Pharmachem recognizes that it has an important responsibility to its employees and to the communities in which our employees work and live. Promoting a safe workplace, improving healthcare, preserving and enhancing our natural environment and cultivating innovation are integral parts of our business.

Innovation Day
Our commitment to social responsibility is reflected in our support of community initiatives and organizations that are reflective of our social values. These include the Brantford Community Foundation, the Brantford Community Healthcare System, the Brant Waterways Foundation, United Way and the Hamilton Regional Cancer Care Foundation. An enduring relationship has been forged with the James Hillier Foundation through our hosting of the James Hillier archives on our premises beginning in 2006. These archives display and preserve the important papers and memorabilia of this renowned inventor and Brantford native. The inauguration of the Hillier archives was highlighted with a distinguished lecture that embodied the spirit and force of innovation. This has become a tradition with the annual celebration of Innovation Day - distinguished community guests and our employees attend the annual Innovation Day address which has in the past been delivered by renowned experts from diverse disciplines including the son of James Hillier, Robert Hillier, a well known architect and entrepreneur.

Community Connections
Apotex Pharmachem Inc. is committed to the enhancement of our home city, Brantford’s, urban forest. Starting on Earth Day 2005 with the planting of 228 saplings on its lands that have been subsequently transplanted to public spaces, we have actively sponsored tree plantings in the community. With the help of our government, industrial and community partners our annual plantings have directly helped to restore the urban forest and inspired other organizations to take up the cause. This program will continue to be supported for years to come.
In 2009, Apotex Pharmachem Inc. was recognized by the Brantford Chamber of Commerce as Company of the Year for its many contributions to the community. For us, this was the ultimate recognition of our commitment to community and social responsibility.
34 Spalding Dr
Brantford, Ontario, CA
N3T 6B8
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Mayank Singh
Global Director - Sales and Business Development
msingh@apotexpharmachem.com CA
Keshava Murthy
PHD, President
519-756-8942 CA
Mayank Singh
Global Director - Sales and Business Development

Keshava Murthy
PHD, President

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