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We want to make life easier for our customers by helping them get the most out of their mobile devices, offering real value from the services we provide and by removing the barriers that frustrate them. Since 2003, we've created the biggest 3G network in the UK from scratch. We’ve developed internet services that our customers love and there's plenty more to come. We're committed to making mobile better for everyone in the UK. Whether it's building the best network, challenging the status quo, improving access for everyone, delivering firsts or simply offering best value. And this commitment to making things better is reflected in how much we put into developing our people.

Becoming the UK's Best Loved Brand by 2021 is our ambition. Our company purpose connects everyone in the Three family, including SMARTY and Wuntu.

This purpose is our future. It is our DNA. It is who we are as a business. It helps us to understand who we work for, and why we come to work every day. And we are super excited at the fun that we are going to have with it.
Star House 20 Grenfell Road
Maidenhead, GB
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