Sponsorship overview
A. Lassonde Inc. is a subsidiary of Industries Lassonde Inc., a North American leader in the development, manufacture and sale of a wide range of ready-to-drink fruit and vegetable juices and drinks and frozen juice concentrates marketed under brands such as Apple & Eve, Everfresh, Fairlee, Fruité, Graves, Oasis, Old Orchard Brands, Rougemont and Sun-Rype. Lassonde is also one of the two largest producers of store brand shelf-stable fruit juices and drinks in the United States and a major producer of cranberry sauces.

Lassonde also develops, manufactures and markets specialty food products under brands such as Antico and Canton. The company imports and markets select wines from various countries of origin and manufactures apple ciders and cider-based beverages.

Lassonde produces superior quality products through the expertise of approximately 2,600 people working in 18 plants across Canada and the United States.
755 Principale Street
Rougemont , Quebec, CA
J0L 1M0
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Sylvain Morissette
Vice President, Communications
450-469-4926, ext. 10265 CA
Marion Desnoyers
Brand Director CA
Marlene Hins
VP of Marketing

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