Ace Bakery
Sponsorship overview
ACE Bakery was started in 1993 by two food lovers who decided the best way to get the kind of bread they wanted was to bake it themselves.

They began at a small bakery café, using natural starters, letting the dough rise slowly, making small batches of hand-formed artisan breads and baking in a stone-deck oven.

Today, ACE Bakery breads are available in a lot more places, but they’re made pretty much the same way, with no preservatives and using only the finest, simplest ingredients. We pride ourselves on baking rustic artisan breads that you’ll find have more flavour, a richer colour, a chewy, moist texture and a satisfying crisp crust.

One of ACE Bakery’s founding principles is that businesses have a social responsibility to support the communities that support them. In addition to bread donations, we fund charities in the main centres where ACE breads are sold.
1 Hafis Rd.
Toronto, Ontario, CA
M6M 2V6
Food, Grocery and Agriculture
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Brian Sisson
Director of Operations CA
Philippe Gaudet
Public Relations, Coordinator
(416)-241-6000 CA
Brian Sisson
Director of Operations

Philippe Gaudet
Public Relations, Coordinator

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