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VIZIO's mission is to deliver the ultimate entertainment experience to our community of connected consumers. Through our connected entertainment platform, VIZIO is transforming the way consumers discover and experience content. Since our founding in California in 2002, VIZIO has built an industry-leading brand of products, including televisions, sound bars and other devices. VIZIO is a leading HDTV company, the #1 Sound Bar Brand1 in America and America's Fastest Growing Sound Bar Brand with Dolby Atmos2. VIZIO product leadership is highlighted by a number of industry reviews and awards. The 2019 P-Series Quantum X received a Best of CES 2019 award from both CNET3 and Digital Trends4 and has earned Editors' Choice awards from Digital Trends5, and USAToday's Reviewed.com6. IGN7 called the 2019 P-Series Quantum "Stunning", giving it a 9.3/10 rating while HighDefDigest8 awarded it an Editors' Choice. The 2019 M-Series Quantum TVs have earned Editors' Choice awards from USAToday's Reviewed.com9 and Tom's Guide10. VIZIO's top of the line Home Theater Sound System with Dolby Atmos, the SB46514-F6 has been named "The Best Sound Bar" by Wirecutter11, "Best Sound Bar for 2019" by Digital Trends12 and awarded an Editors' Choice by HighDefDigest13. The SB36514-G6 sound bar system received an Editors' Choice from Digital Trends14, while CNET15 described the SB36512-F6 Sound System as "Excellent", awarding it 4 out of 5 stars and an Editors' Choice Award. The SB3621n-G8 sound bar is a Digital Trends Recommended Product for 201916 and Wirecutter17 named VIZIO's SB3651 surround sound bar their "Best Budget Pick".
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Irvine, California, US
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