all Children have individual learning demands
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aChild is a fundraising organization tackling under-funding of psycho-educational assessments for the 36,000+ at risk youth with undiagnosed learning challenges on Ontario waiting lists.

According to a People for Education report, "In 2017, an average of 9 students per elementary and 7 students per secondary school were waiting for professional assessment, IPRC, or placement. Based on available resources, some boards limit the number of students that principals can put forward for assessment each year." With 4,000 elementary schools across Ontario, that means approximately 36,000 elementary children are waiting for a psycho-educational assessment, with more names are added to the list every year..

Based on a personal journey, I realize that a child's scholastic success is heavily dependent on early intervention in cases where educational challenges are identified in their formative school years.

There are thousands of children in Ontario on three-four-five year or more waiting lists, as the cost of the psycho-educational assessment to identify their learning style is beyond their parents reach. Without an assessment, the school cannot craft the Individualized Education Plan (IEP) needed to modify the curriculum to unlock the child's educational potential and become the best that they can be.

aChild is all about raising awareness and funds for assessments, helping children succeed, sooner!
MIssissauga, Ontario, CA
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