Green Kids Inc.
Sponsorship overview
Green Kids Inc. is a professional theatre company and the only charity in Canada dedicated to environmental education through performance. Our mission is to educate the public on environmental issues and to inspire them to take positive action towards protecting our environment.

Sponsorship Opportunities for 2022

We turned 30 this year! In addition to offering our regular menu of Plays and Eco Drama Workshops, we have created two new and unique programs to celebrate. We are seeking sponsors to help us bring these programs to more people in 2022.

The Landfill Mutant Vs.

The Landfill Mutant Vs. is a hilarious and perilous play written for grade 5-7 classrooms to produce and perform for their schools and communities.

"When a well-meaning student's science fair project takes on a life of its own, it's up to the students and teachers to change their behaviours and stop the all-consuming Landfill Mutant ... before it's too late."

Topics include Household Chemical Safety, Zero Waste, Active Transportation, Reducing Emissions, Household Germs, and Indoor Toxins. The overarching theme and biggest takeaway for students and teachers is Reducing Our Waste.

Support materials include a Study Guide and Director's Guide for teachers and a Designer's Guide and Research Manual for students. The support publications take you through all the steps required to put on a successful and eco-friendly production, plus we offer mentorship (in French or English, over video conferencing) as you work on the project.

This program is also offered in French, as Le mutant maléfique de la décharge dégueulasse vs (nom de votre école).

​The play and support documents are complete, but we are still looking for support with the printing, mailing and mentorship portion of this program.

Bike and Circuses

Bike and Circuses is a family-friendly, eco-friendly outdoor event that will take place in Winnipeg in Summer 2021. Guests will travel through Winnipeg parkland, stopping along the way to take in short performances. Through a combination of circus arts, music, theatre and dance we will celebrate our connection to nature and the importance of physical activity while addressing climate change and other environmental issues. Bike and Circuses will carry a clear message while being a colourful and fun spectacle.

This unique event will run for 5 days in August in Whittier and Lagimodière-Gaboury Parks in the St. Boniface district. Upon arrival audience members will be asked how they plan to traverse the route: they are welcome to bring their own bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc. Audience members who do not have a form of active transportation will be offered a bicycle from our fleet of bikes to borrow. The last three time slots of each performance will be set aside for people who prefer to walk the route, or roll in their wheelchair, or who are pushing strollers.
As groups meander along the lush path, taking in the Riparian forest along the riverbank, they will come upon large billboards with messaging accompanied by performances that reference (or in some cases, contradict) that messaging.

The messages will be quotes; statements about Environment, Health and Wellness. Some will be from well-known environmentalists, some from lesser-known change-makers and some from plain old regular Manitobans, all giving us inspiration and tools to be better to the environments we interact with. The ‘environments’ we reference will be global (climate change), local (air and water pollution) and individual (personal health and wellness).

Imagine dancers performing on the large open green spaces of Whittier Park, a tightrope performance in the trees of Lagimodière-Gaboury Park, a haunting soundscape coming from the forest, a short puppet play about active transportation in a notch of the path, a contortionist on a log, a young performer swinging and singing on a swing in the woods, a stilt walker on a bridge telling riddles about healthy eating, an acrobat jumping on a hidden trampoline and a comedic clown scene about plastic bags along the river. These mostly abstract performances will be given context through amplified music with lyrics or narration, and through the billboards. One scenario involves seeing this billboard:
“I want you to act as though your house is on fire. Because it is.” - Greta Thunberg
...and beside it a tiny house with faux flames coming out of the windows. We see two clown characters doing everything but the right things to put the fires out. They fan the flames, they pour kerosene on the fires, they give up and roast marshmallows. It is this tongue-in-cheek commentary we are striving for.

More About Green Kids Inc.

We produce large scale public events that celebrate our environment while providing a call to action for audience members.
We also tour to elementary and middle schools, as well as public events, with a variety of programs, consisting of Plays and Theatre Workshops. We also partner with community organizations for similar projects.

We use theatre as our medium because of its capacity to represent abstract ideas and to build empathy; as audiences watch characters navigate a situation, they begin to understand the characters' thoughts, feelings and actions, often taking on emotions they imagine the characters might feel. We inspire young people and their families to be gentler on our planet, giving them both hope and accountability through meaningful yet simple changes in daily habits, with tangible goals.

Our programming is informative, realistic, and optimistic. We emphasize community spirit and individual action, with the message being that every little bit of help is an invaluable contribution. We are the only group doing this kind of interactive education with schools, allowing kids to immerse themselves in the issues by way of imagination and empathy, through laughter.

All Green Kids' programming is a collaboration between our local theatre, education and scientific communities. We consult with educators and scientists in the creation of our scripts and resource materials. We support school curriculum in the areas of science, social studies and drama. In the last 30 years, Green Kids has created and toured 24 plays full-length plays, and developed and delivered 8 classroom eco-drama workshops. We have toured from B.C. to Ontario and from Island Lakes to California. We have performed for over 1,400,000 kids, educators and families, at over 1,400 schools and public events. Green Kids has been nominated four times for the Sustainable Development Award of Excellence and won the 2012 Giving Back Award.

Theatre for the Planet
Environmental Education Through Performance
We are based in Winnipeg, and tour from B.C. to Ontario.
162-2025 Corydon Avenue, Suite 251
Winnipeg, Manitoba, CA
R3P 0N5
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Sponsorship partners
Prairie Dawn Foundation, LUSH Charity Pot, Sherpa Marketing, The Forks, ZipTrek Eco Tours, Qualico, Perimeter Airlines, Travelodge, Payworks, RBC Foundation, Assiniboine Park Conservancy, West Interlake Watershed Conservation District, Traction on Demand
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Daina Leitold
Executive Director 204-940-4745 CA
Daina Leitold
Executive Director 1-800-441-6751 CA
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President & Founder CA

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