Sponsorship overview
Jussapplaud is a start-up Luxury Brand of All Arts. We offer Orifinal Artwork, limited Edition Art Prints, Apparel, shoes , Accessories & Music.

We are carving our own section in the realm of Luxury Art and Fashion.

Our website is being re-designed at the moment but we can also be found on Social Media:

Instagram: @Jussapplaud & @Juss_applaud
LinkedIn: @Juss Applaud & Jussapplaud
Pinterest: @Jussapplaud

Bandit Stretched™ Art and Fashion Showcase will take place on August, 31st 2019 at 7 Fraser Ave,Toronto ON. Our theme this year is Bandit.

We are currently looking to acquire sponsors for this and upcoming events. $5000 is the goal for the Show at the end of this month.

A $5000 sponsorship will provide you a banner up at the events, thank you at the events to our sponsor,discount on Jussapplaud’s art and apparel,social media exposure for advertising of the event with your logo / insignia on all Marketing Materials and programs & an invite to all Art & Fashion Showcases.
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Juss Applaud
Co-Founder & Head of Fashion
jussapplaud009@gmail.com 2898004515 CA

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