Aecon Group Inc.
Sponsorship overview
For more than a century, Aecon and our predecessor companies have helped to build many of Canada's most famous landmarks – from the CN Tower and St. Lawrence Seaway, to the Vancouver Sky Train and Halifax Shipyards. In addition to these great landmarks, we've also helped to build hundreds of factories, roads, sewers, theatres, book stores, power plants, arts centres, mine sites, offices, hotels and gas distribution networks – the smaller, but no less important projects that help to make Canada a great place to live.

Aecon - Aboriginal Affairs
Aecon has developed an extensive network of partnerships across Canada on the basis of sustainability and win-win objectives. We work with a number of organizations and associations to enhance Aboriginal engagement and inclusion across Canada.

Aecon - Community
Aecon is dedicated to doing its part to create a more socially sustainable world. We are committed to building relationships with the communities we serve, and we aspire to have a positive impact wherever we conduct our business.

Aecon - Environmental
Aecon’s overall vision for the future is not just to build, but to build more responsibly. We embrace the notion that sustainable development and sustainable construction are the norm.
20 Carlson Court
Suite 800
Toronto, Ontario, CA
M9W 7K6
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Renee Rouse
Communications Manager CA
Nicole Court
Vice President, Corporate Affairs

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