The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group
Sponsorship overview
The mutual insurance business began in the late 1800s with the particular need of farmers to protect their property from fire. Mutual insurance grew steadily over the next century, surviving the setbacks of two world wars, the Great Depression and other fluctuations in the market from the 80s through to today. Insurance products were added – residential, automobile, commercial and watercraft. One thing remained constant, though, for the now 40 mutual insurance companies in Ontario – their value of personal service, of human interaction and their passion for dealing with like-minded people.

The Commonwell Mutual Insurance Group is born from this legacy and will aim to keep the philosophy of mutual insurance alive and well as we meet the 21st century head on. The only prerequisite for joining is that you’re proud of your life, of its twists and subtle quirks. Because we get it, we’re individuals. Together.
336 Angeline Street South
Lindsay, Ontario, CA
K9V 0J8
Sponsorship partners
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Tim Shauf
President & CEO
Tim Shauf
President & CEO

Title Date
IBAO Announces 2019 Sponsorship May 09, 2019

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