White Towel Services
Fort Worth
Sponsorship overview
White Towel Services was founded in 2002 with the desire of bringing the Japanese tradition of "Oshibori" to America. An "Oshibori" is a wet towel offered to customers in places such as restaurants or bars in Japan and are used to clean one's hands before eating.

With that tradition in mind White Towel Services currently offers a complete line of towel warmers and refreshment towels of all sizes and quality to many industries around the world including; Restaurants, Airlines, Country Clubs, Hotels and Casinos, Cruise lines, Dental and Medical facilities, Camping and outdoor activites and more!

While continuing to grow each year, White Towel Services has maintained a high level of quality in its product manufacturing and sales process. Customer satisfaction has always been the main goal and the new products that are released each year demonstrate the commitment to become the Leader in Cold and Hot Towel Service.
14841 Trinity Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas, US
Sponsorship partners
Varsity Spirit
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Jason Stark
(817) 868-7900 CA
Harold Tyler
harold@wtowel.com 801-726-9259 GB

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