Capri Pizza
Sponsorship overview
In 1975, Mr. Kalaydjian purchased the original Capri from its former owner who had already been serving great Capri Pizza. Although, the original pizza kitchen was small, the aspirations of the new owner were not. The family’s hard work, and their commitment to producing a quality product created priceless word of mouth advertising.

When, in 1987 the restaurant next door to the pizzeria came up for sale, the family saw this as an opportunity for growth. The family purchased the location, renovated and re-opened its new home in 1989. Capri’s new home allowed them to expand their kitchen and open a restaurant where families could enjoy their great pizza in a casual dining environment.

A few years later the first Capri Pizzeria franchise location opened in the city's east end to meet the demands of their growing customer base. To date, there are ten Capri Pizzeria locations committed to serving great pizza to Windsor and Essex County. Capri Pizzeria attributes its success to the continued support from our loyal customers, our dedicated, and hard working employees, and our strong Franchisees. Our loyal customers, and the hard working Capri staff are the foundation that this successful pizzeria has been built upon.

By combining these complimentary ingredients, Capri Pizza has established a niche in the competitive pizza market within Windsor and Essex County.
3020 Dougall Avenue
Windsor, Ontario, CA
N9E 1S4
Sponsorship partners
Profile pic Name Email Telephone Location
Kevork Kalaydjian
519.969.6851 GB

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