Cyria Group Confirms Supporting Sponsorship for GNEX 2018
Cyria Group, Inc. ; a Canadian-based company specializing in resort developer solutions for timeshare ownership trade-ins and transfers has confirmed participation as a Supporting Sponsor of GNEX 2018 which will be held in Miami, F.L. on February 26-28, 2018. Cyria Group, Inc. ; a Canadian-based company specializing in resort developer solutions for timeshare ownership trade-ins and transfers has confirmed participation as a Supporting Sponsor of GNEX 2018 which will be held in Miami, F.L. on February 26-28, 2018.Since 2011, the Global Networking Experience (GNEX) has claimed its position as the most dynamic networking conference in the vacation ownership industry, constantly innovating to find new ways to help its senior-level attendees to meet prospective new clients and strategic partners, and bringing fresh new ideas and interesting content.GNEX 2018 will held onboard the $40 million, 228ft SeaFair Grand Luxe, the world's first mega-yacht venue. This impressive vessel boasts over 22,000 square feet of meeting space after recently completing a $10 million renovation project.Located in Ontario, Canada, Cyria Group is committed to supplying resort partners with effective solutions for trade-ins. Cyria Group's cloud-based software makes it easy for sales rooms to accept trade-ins at point of sale without delay, and the company's superior customer service team is dedicated to helping its clients every step of the way during the transfer process. As a Supporting Sponsor of GNEX 2018, Cyria Group will be participating in a 60-second pitch session.'It's important to us to support our industry through the work that we do, while also supporting its events. Being a part of the conversations that are going to keep vacation ownership at the forefront of the travel industry is vital. Similar to other industries, innovation & communication are key to long-term development & stability, says Cory Stegemann, Founder & CEO of Cyria Group.Always staying ahead of the curve, GNEX is reinventing their educational session format by introducing 'X-Talks. These high impact, 10-minute solo speaker sessions will cover a variety of pertinent topics, while creating a more dynamic schedule that lends itself to even more networking. There is also the addition of several networking and interactive sessions. GNEX 2018 will also include other guest speakers, dedicated networking sessions, cocktail hours, several social gatherings, and a keynote speaker.'We are delighted to welcome Cyria Group as a first-time sponsor at our upcoming event. GNEX Conferences aim to attract all areas of the vacation ownership, hotel & resort marketplace, and Cyria Group represents a sector that is rapidly evolving and grabbing the attention of resort developers. Says Paul Mattimoe, President & CEO, Perspective Group.Signature Sponsors for the event are:,and. Additional sponsors and supporters include: Send Me On Vacation, VacationCondos.com, Walltopia, Resort Management Services, Resort Travel & Xchange, Wyndham Vacation Resorts Asia Pacific, Access Development, Concord, Cyria Group, Vacation SafeGuard, AMDETUR, American Resort Development Association, Canadian Vacation Ownership Association, Cooperative Association of Resort Exchangers, National Timeshare Owners Association....
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New private member's bill could mean end of the Happy Meal in Canada
The bill introduced by a Tory senator and adopted by the Liberal government seeks a nationwide ban on food and drink marketing aimed at childrenIt’s rare that a Liberal government adopts a private member’s bill introduced by a Conservative senator, but Nancy Greene Raine’s Child Health Protection legislation was given second reading in the House of Commons Tuesday and looks set to usher in a nationwide ban on food and drink marketing aimed at children.The bill will amend Canada’s Food and Drinks Act with the goal of reducing the obesity rate among children and teens. Recent statistics suggest as many as one-third of Canadian kids are grappling with being overweight or obese.Liberal MP Doug Eyolfson, who was formerly a doctor in Winnipeg, said he saw an increasing number of young people suffering from heart disease and Type 2 diabetes. “We need bold action now,” he said, as he introduced Greene Raine’s legislation into the House of Commons.The former Olympic skier’s bill proposes to ban advertising and packaging aimed at youth under the age of 17.But Eyolfson, who is sponsoring the bill in the House of Commons, said he is suggesting an amendment to limit its scope to children under 13, mirroring legislation that has existed in Quebec for years.He said the original bill was at risk of being challenged as a limit on freedom of expression — a challenge the Quebec ban has already weathered at the Supreme Court.The food industry is striking back, claiming the new legislation doesn’t even provide a definition of “unhealthy food” — a guideline will be supplied at a later date by Health Canada bureaucrats.The industry is also appealing to the libertarian impulse of parents who believe they should be the arbiters of what their children watch and eat. It argues that the debate distracts from the real causes of childhood obesity — the lack of balance between diet, screen time and physical activity.But the government is committed to the bill, despite the risk of unintended consequences for businesses that rely on sales of junk food, like convenience stores, or on advertising by packaged food companies, like broadcasters.Justin Trudeau’s mandate letter to new Health Minister Ginette Petitpas Taylor calls on her to introduce restrictions on the commercial marketing of unhealthy food and beverages to children “similar to those now in place in Quebec,” where the upper age limit is 13.Greene Raine said she was persuaded to raise the age limit from her original proposal after hearing expert testimony that suggested when children first leave home and have their own spending money, their tendency is to buy food their parents may not agree with.But that seems a stretch. Children under 13 may not understand the persuasive intent of advertisement — to the extent that McDonald’s is obliged to append its website with a “Hey Kids, this is advertising” label.But 16-year-olds can marry, enter military service and drive cars.There is too much of the nanny state in the age limit.Another concern raised in the House by Conservative MP Gord Brown is that the new legislation could block sponsorship of amateur sports teams, such as the 300,000 kids who benefit from the Timbits minor sports program.Eyolfson said the government will take steps to ensure there are no adverse effects on sports sponsorship.Conservative Marilyn Gladu said she was concerned that the ban in Quebec had not reduced child obesity levels there.Clearly there are many factors at play, but common sense suggests that food companies spend billions on marketing to kids because it works in selling more of their products.By introducing amendments that lower the age limit and protect sports sponsorships the government has got the balance right.There will be no reprieve for the “pester power” of Happy Meal marketing.Article as posted by John Ivison on NationalPost.com...
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Labatt's launches its first eSports sponsorship
If the idea of watching other people play video games holds zero appeal, this sponsorship is not meant for you. If you've never heard of players who go by the handles JWong and FChamp, it's not for you. But if these things do get your attention, then chances are, advertisers are having a hard time reaching you.That's because fans of e-sports are exactly the type of young people who are flocking away from traditional media – and advertising. Competitive gaming draws massive audiences online and at major tournaments to watch the best players compete in a range of video games. In the past few years, marketers have been waking up to the world of e-sports, as they attempt to find new ways to speak to consumers steeped in a digital world.This week, Labatt Breweries of Canada will launch its first sponsorships in this area, hosting a VIP lounge at DreamHack, a series of global digital festivals that include e-sports competitions coming to Montreal starting Friday. For $100, fans can book access to a Bud Light Living Room, where competitors Justin (JWong) Wong and Ryan (FChamp) Rodriguez will host skills clinics, as well as a tournament in which fans can compete for the chance to play against those two on the big screen on the festival's main stage. The brewer has partnered with JWong and FChamp in both Canada and the United States, and will try to reach more fans through their social media followings. It has also signed a partnership deal with Twitch, a popular gaming website and social network. It plans to develop "branded content" for Twitch to reach visitors to the site, which live-streams competitions and allows players to connect with each other.Bud Light first launched its e-sports efforts in the United States last year. The new deals are a Canadian-specific initiative."I've seen some of the live events that happen even here in Toronto, filling stadiums. That was one of the tipping points for me: thousands of people coming to watch people play live. It's a true spectator sport," said Todd Allen, vice-president of marketing for Canada at Anheuser-Busch InBev, which owns Labatt. "We're looking to be long-term in e-sports."E-sports have already begun attracting mainstream recognition in the marketing world. The global e-sports market is estimated to be worth $1.13-billion (U.S.), and is still growing, according to research firm SuperData. Nearly three-quarters of those earnings come from advertising and sponsorships.Big-name sponsors have included Arby's, Audi, Chipotle, Coca-Cola, Gillette and PepsiCo. Talent agency giant WME-IMG, which represents celebrities including actors, musicians and athletes, moved into e-sports in 2015, and now runs an e-sports league, ELeague, in partnership with Turner Broadcasting.Some games are now shown on television on TBS in the United States, and on Super Channel in Canada. ESPN2 has broadcast some tournaments. But the overwhelming following is on digital channels. This year, Rogers Communications Inc. signed an exclusive deal with ESL (formerly Electronic Sports League) to launch e-sports TV live-streaming through Sportsnet Now. And Facebook has been moving into streaming e-sports content.Twitch, which Amazon bought in 2014 for $970-million, also draws significant audiences for live events and allows gamers to upload their own videos of their play. In 2015, Cineplex Inc. acquired WorldGaming, a platform for hosting e-sportscompetitions – both online and larger tournament events – for $15-million."While the very idea that people are willing to pay to watch other people play video games may seem strange to some, we have no doubt that eSports is big, and getting bigger," CIBC analyst Robert Bek wrote in a research note last year, adding that of the 214 million people that watch e-sports worldwide, 69 per cent are aged 18 to 34 and 85 per cent are male. "For sponsors/advertisers … the appeal of eSports is rather obvious; the genre appeals to a narrow, desirable, and increasingly hard-to-pin-down demographic."Bud Light's first "All Stars" sponsorship was criticized by some for hand-picking nominees that didn't seem like the top of the field in e-sports, including some who weren't competing actively on the latest or most popular games."The way they engaged [in the United States], it's very corporate. It's very forced. They don't bring fans in to help mould the program, it's like they have a set vision," said Dan Ciccone, head of RevXP, a division of Chicago-based sports marketing agency Revolution that focuses on e-sports. However, he said the company is correct not to pull away as a result of the criticism."Traditional sports organizations, they're talking about the attrition especially of that younger male audience," Mr. Ciccone said. "E-sports affords marketers the opportunity to finally reach that audience that they've had a difficult time reaching for years now."E-Sports still has room for growth in Canada, said Charles Watson, founder of Kitchener-based SetToDestroyX, the largest group of e-sports teams in the country. He believes the market needs more tournaments – and more sponsors."There's still a lot of work that needs to be done here from a marketing perspective," he said. There's a huge amount of potential that hasn't even been touched. It blows my mind sometimes, that you have such a huge market … and you're just starting to see traditional companies right now focusing on Canada."Bud Light's strategy in Canada is borrowed from other live events that have been the brand's focus for years: it hosts various "living rooms" at music festivals, sporting events and elsewhere, such as alongside a UFC event in Edmonton next week."Experiences are the new currency," Mr. Allen said. "The trend has been away from 'premium' as defined by your accumulation of possessions. Younger people value experiences over things. … This is no different than our strategy of bringing fans closer to music or sports. We're super excited to bring that same philosophy to e-sports."Article by Susan Krashinsky Robertson as posted on TheGlobeandMail.com...
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Yili Signs with Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games to become the First Healthy Food Enterprise with the Label of "Both Olympics"
On the morning of August 30 (Beijing time), Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG) and Yili Group officially announced that: Yili Group will be the only supplier of dairy products for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games. Sticking to the idea of "Keep Climbing All the Way and Infuse Vigor into the Chinese Dream", put forward by its chairman Pan Gang, Yili rekindles the relationship with the Olympics and has become the only food supplier for both the Summer and Winter Olympic Games - Yili has led the trail for the Chinese dairy industry.Yili became the first and also the only dairy product sponsor for the Olympics starting in 2005. For over 12 years, Yili has grown along with the Olympics, has stood out as a top Asian dairy industry and the top eight worldwide. Today, Yili holds hands with Beijing 2022 Winter Games to engage in the invigoration of the Chinese Dream.Participants said that Yili's partnership with the Winter Olympics will provide distinguished guests worldwide with the best products and services during the Games. Yili also advocates a healthy lifestyle and advertises winter sports, boosting the national health through deeds. Yili echoes the Olympic Spirit in advancing the health development of human beings. Chinese Olympic Committee tries to promote health via sports, while Yili obtains this goal with quality product and services. This explains why COC chose Yili.Pan Gang said that after the 12-year cooperation, the Olympic Spirit "higher, faster, stronger" has already been integrated into Yili's genes. As indicated in the theme "Keep Climbing All the Way", Yili always seeks self-transcendence and has implemented such spirit into every development milestone. The cooperation between Yili and COC is based on the shared values and Yili's intention to let every customer enjoy their health. Yili is proud of providing services for global events and assisting the Chinese towards a healthy Chinese Dream.Yili believes in "Yili represents the highest quality", and has become a global leader in the dairy industry through endless innovation and global strategies. It presented several impressive appearances on the global stage on behalf of Chinese enterprises. In terms of quality, Yili follows the "quality-first" strategy and introduces quality management to every partner of global production chains, forming a quality management system worldwide for healthy food that meets Olympian standards. In terms of innovation, Yili actively implements the "whole-chain innovation" strategy for the realization of the innovation and upgrading of the whole production chain and to establish "global smart line" for the introduction of global innovative resources. In terms of globalization, Yili, under the strategy of "global network", has initially created the establishment of a global resource network, a global R&D network and a global market network covering Asia, Oceania, Europe and America. It provides customers with quality products and services by the integration of the optimal resources of milk source, technology and talent.Yili is committed to delivering a healthy lifestyle to over a billion customers. Joining hands with the Olympics again, Yili has become the first healthy-food provider worldwide that meets the "Both Olympics" standard. With this, Yili will embark on a new journey to transfer nutrition and vitality with Olympia quality, to accelerate the healthy Chinese Dream, and contribute to China's goal of building a prosperous society in all respects....
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Anaconda Presents $10,000 for Free Swim Program
Anaconda Mining Inc. was pleased to present a cheque for $10,000 in the second of a five-year $50,000 commitment to the Baie Verte regional swim program. The commitment was prompted by the overwhelming success of an initiative started in 2015 to provide youth in the region with free swimming lessons.Prior to the 2015 summer season, average annual enrolment at the Baie Verte regional pool was about 40 swimmers, however it now exceeds 180 participants each year. Over 460 lesson blocks (10 lessons per block) or approximately 4600 free swimming lessons have been sponsored by Anaconda over the past three summers."The Point Rousse Project has been Anaconda's flagship operation with most of our employees living in the Baie Verteregion. Companies and communities thrive when they work together, and we are pleased to give back to those who have supported Anaconda as employees, contractors, suppliers and neighbours. Sponsorship of the swim program at the Baie Verte regional pool provides an opportunity for young people throughout the region to benefit from Anaconda's success while developing a safety skill that they will enjoy for a lifetime."~ Dustin Angelo, President & CEO, Anaconda Mining...
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MLSE agrees to record arena rights deal with Scotiabank
Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment has agreed to a landmark 20-year sponsorship agreement with Scotiabank to rename the Air Canada Centre, TSN has learned.The agreement is worth about $800 million (Canadian), according to three sources familiar with the matter. Under MLSE’s previous agreement with Air Canada, struck in 1999, the airline paid about $4 million per year.The agreement with Scotiabank, which will see the downtown Toronto arena renamed the Scotiabank Arena next July 1, is believed to be the highest-priced annual building and team sponsorship in North American sports history.David Hopkinson, MLSE’s chief commercial officer, said in an interview that he received serious offers for the arena naming rights from eight companies.“To be honest, it wasn’t that difficult to find interested suitors,” Hopkinson said. “This is already firmly established as Canada’s premier entertainment venue… We felt we had a very good sense about what the market would bear and Scotia and ourselves have agreed on what that number should look like.”Arena naming rights have become a major revenue source for pro sports teams. Financial services companies such as Scotiabank, in pursuit of new young consumers, have become prime buyers.Scotiabank chief marketing officer John Doig said the Maple Leafs and Raptors home arena is “the pre-eminent property in the country.”“There isn’t a busier sports and entertainment venue in Canada,” Doig said in an interview. “Frankly, it’s in the top echelon of venues around the world.”Former Toronto Argonauts president Brian Cooper, president of the sports advisory firm MKTG Canada, advised Scotiabank on the deal.   The MLSE-Scotiabank agreement eclipses a (U.S.) $30 million-per-year sponsorship deal struck in 2010 by investment bank JPMorgan Chase for Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, and other venues.Last year, JPMorgan agreed to pay the Golden State Warriors a reported $15 million to $20 million (U.S.) per year for naming rights at the team’s new arena, which will open in time for the 2019-20 season.The MLSE deal is the third major arena naming rights pact for the Canadian bank, which also sponsors the Scotiabank Saddledome in Calgary and the Scotiabank Centre in Halifax.Scotiabank also owned naming rights to the Ottawa Senators home rink from 2006-2013.Air Canada plans to keep its ties to MLSE. The carrier has agreed to become a major sponsor of both the Raptors and Maple Leafs for the next eight years, according to a source familiar with the matter.It’s unclear what the agreement means for BMO’s future relationship with Canada’s largest sports holding company. BMO has been Toronto Raptors’ presenting sponsor since 2013 and has a year left on its deal.As part of the deal, MLSE will partner with Scotiabank to develop a Centre for Excellence in downtown Toronto where both MLSE and Scotiabank employees will work together to address mutual customer concerns.Earlier Tuesday, Scotiabank, Canada’s third largest lender by assets, raised its dividend by nearly 4 per cent as its third-quarter profit rose faster than expected, The Globe and Mail reported.Major arenas and stadiums in CanadaMontreal: Bell Centre, Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, Stade SaputoQuebec City: Videotron CentreToronto: Rogers Centre, Air Canada Centre, BMO FieldOttawa: Canadian Tire Centre, TD Place StadiumHamilton: Tim Hortons Field, FirstOntatio CentreLondon: Budweiser GardensWinnipeg: Bell MTS Place, Investors Group FieldRegina: Mosaic StadiumEdmonton: Rogers Place, The Brick Field at Commonwealth StadiumCalgary: Scotiabank Saddledome, McMahon StadiumVancouver: Rogers Arena, BC PlaceArticle by Rick Westhead as posted on TSN.ca...
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Hydro-Québec to sponsor TeamMTL's entry in Solar Decathlon China
McGill University and Concordia University students are teaming up as the sole Canadian entry in the prestigious international housing design competitionHydro-Québec announced today that it will sponsor TeamMTL's entry in the Solar Decathlon China 2018, which takes place in Dezhou, Shandong Province, in northeastern China. Hydro-Québec, with the support of Québec's Ministère de l'Énergie et des Ressources naturelles, will provide the team with $250,000 in funding, as well as in-kind support, to help complete the construction of its green residential design concept. The house was recently opened to the public and will later be disassembled and rebuilt in China.TeamMTL is a joint project of McGill University and Concordia University. A student-led team, the group is composed of roughly 40 members from both institutions. Their entry, known as the Deep Performance Dwelling (DPD), combines Montréal row-house design with elements of traditional Chinese siheyuan courtyard architecture."By supporting TeamMTL's innovative project, Hydro-Québec demonstrates its ongoing commitment as a central player in technologies that will make our houses even smarter and help us meet our customers' needs into the future," said Éric Filion, Vice President - Customer, Hydro-Québec Distribution. "We want to lead the energy transition and help our customers choose the right technology.""We are extremely grateful and excited that Hydro-Québec is willing to support us throughout this significant research endeavor," said Sophie Jemtrud, Communications Lead for TeamMTL. "The opportunity to work with industry partners in the design and construction of a home that is a model of sustainability and affordability is rare for students, and it is an invaluable learning experience for our team. The support of a prestigious company like Hydro-Québec will go a long way to ensuring our success in the Solar Decathlon China 2018 competition.""Our government's energy policy is clear: the success of our energy transition hinges on innovation," added Pierre Arcand, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources. "Projects like those of TeamMTL will enable us to reach our GHG reduction targets and use the energy we do consume more efficiently.""Working with Hydro-Québec is a huge boost to the validity of our concept," said Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, McGill University. "We're continuing to bring together numerous public and private sector partners who have a shared concern for building a sustainable world while simultaneously educating the best and brightest young thinkers and doers from our community.""This project demonstrates the key role universities play in shaping smart, sustainable and resilient cities," said Alan Shepard, President of Concordia University. "With the support from Hydro-Québec and the Government of Quebec, TeamMTL now has even more momentum going into the Solar Decathlon competition. These young urban leaders are making a difference in proposing solutions to create sustainable cities."The competition requires each team to design and build a two-storey, Net Zero Energy capable, solar-powered house with a floor area of 120 to 200 m2 (1290 to 2150 ft2) that is equipped with all necessary household appliances and capable of charging an electric vehicle. Each entry will be evaluated for cost feasibility, power efficiency, environment adaptability, power generation capacity and architectural quality. The house was officially opened to the public at a ceremony on Thursday, August 29, at 11:00 AM, at Concordia's Loyola campus (7141 Sherbrooke Street West, Montreal, Quebec H4B 1R6)....
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Semex Named Foundational Sponsor of The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair
The Royal Agricultural Winter Fair and Semex are happy to announce that they have entered into a three-year agreement in which Semex extends and deepens its foundational sponsorship of The Royal. Semex is the presenting sponsor of what will now be known as the Semex Ring of Excellence, the main cattle show venue at the annual 10-day Fair. Semex will also expand its commercial presence and assume presenting sponsorship of the International Business Centre."Semex has a long and proud history with The Royal, and we are thrilled to be able to expand our partnership on behalf of all Canadian breeders," says Paul Larmer, Semex's Chief Executive Officer. "Our global clients come to watch this amazing showcase of Canadian agricultural excellence each year. And, in 2017 we're excited about our expanded presence, and we once again look forward to welcoming hundreds of guests worldwide to experience The Royal in the newly named Semex Ring of Excellence!"The 2016 Fair saw the Ring of Excellence expand and relocate to accommodate the growing breeding cattle shows as well as host three significant 4-H youth shows. It was also the first year that all shows were webcast with state of the art webcasting technology. This premier show venue places agriculture front and centre on the fair floor."Semex and The Royal have a long and thriving relationship," says Charlie Johnstone, Chief Executive Officer of the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. "We're taking that relationship to the next level with this new agreement. With Semex's generous sponsorship, we can continue to build on our mission to improve exhibitor experience for our world-class livestock shows."World renown for delivering high quality bovine genetics, Semex has been solving problems and satisfying producers through its distributor network for over 43 years. Working shoulder-to-shoulder with their clients, Semex's staff is the best trained in the industry, offering profitable genetic solutions for producers worldwide. With a successful history as its foundation, Semex is committed to ensuring success for its clients, Canadian owners, employees and partners for generations to come.About The RoyalThe Royal Agricultural Winter Fair is the world's largest combined indoor agricultural and equestrian show. This year, the 95th Royal Agricultural Winter Fair runs November 3-12, 2017 at Exhibition Place, Toronto. For competition schedules, live webcasting, results and to purchase tickets, please visit www.royalfair.org....
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EMD Serono, Canada announces sponsorship of Canadian Cancer Society's Mudmoiselle events in Ontario
EMD Serono, Canada, the Canadian biopharmaceutical business of Merck KGaA, Darmstadt, Germany, announced their 2017 sponsorship of the Canadian Cancer Society's (CCS) Mudmoiselle events across Ontario throughout August and September."At EMD Serono, Canada we are committed to supporting our community," said Russ Burrell, Commercial Director, Oncology. "The sponsorship of Mudmoiselle events across the province is a great opportunity for our employees and their families to join Mudmoiselles in raising funds for cancer research and vital cancer support services."The Canadian Cancer Society runs eight Mudmoiselle events in the province. These obstacle courses feature 5K stretches of the muckiest, filthiest, slimiest mud. Cancer fights dirty, but so do participants! In the last two years, close to 6,000 people have dragged cancer through the mud at these events. In 2016, EMD Serono had one of the largest teams at the Halton event and took top honours by raising over $5,000."We are thrilled that EMD Serono has come aboard as the Mudmoiselle event series' presenting sponsor," says Sacha Michna, Relay For Life and Special Events Manager in Ontario. "We are very thankful for this generous sponsorship because it will enable our event participants to make muddy memories all while supporting cancer research and support services for patients and their families."To support the EMD Serono team or donate to Mudmoiselles across Ontario, visit Mudmoiselle.ca...
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Melitta helps brew up funds for Alzheimer Society
On September 21, World Alzheimer's Day, Canadians are invited to take part in Coffee Break®, the Alzheimer Society's largest nationwide fundraiser that simply asks participants to share a cup of coffee in exchange for a donation to their local Society.Each year, Coffee Break events raise over $1 million and this year, we're excited to welcome Melitta as our coffee sponsor. All monies raised locally stay in the community and help the Alzheimer Society deliver vital services like day programs support groups, counselling and respite care. With 25,000 more Canadians developing dementia each year, these services are needed more than ever to give people living with dementia and their caregivers the best quality of life possible.  Hosting a Coffee Break is easy:Find a venue: Your home, your office, your community centre or favourite hangout.Invite your friends, co-workers and families.Sign up on our website to receive your host package, including Melitta coffeeSee the "perk-up" tips to make your fundraising event fun and successfulYou can also participate in Coffee Break from your computer by donating online or from your phone by texting: "Coffee" to 45678 to donate $5.Coffee Break events run throughout September and October in communities across Canada, and are generously supported by Melitta. To brew up your event, visit our Coffee Break website: http://www.alzheimercoffeebreak.ca/. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook, and share your event photos on Instagram....
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