Mission’s Riddell scores High Roller Energy Drink sponsorship
Posted on Sep 13, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Scooter rider attracting interest on and off the skatepark

It’s been a good summer for Mission scooter rider Jayden Riddell.

The 14-year-old Heritage Park Middle School student traveled all across B.C. and Washington State for competitions, where he turned heads and impressed both fellow competitors and fans. And also an energy drink company.

Riddell is now sponsored by the High Roller Energy Drink company, a Canadian company based in Kelowna. He is the first youth/amateur scooter rider to be sponsored by the company, which also sponsors athletes in bull riding, dirt biking, freestyle motorcross, freestyle sledding, Mixed Martial Arts, motocross, mountain biking, football, snowmobiling, pro scooter riding, racecar driving, snow biking, spring car racing, wakeboarding and jetski racing.

He is now featured on the company website at highrollerenergy.com, where he states that his inspiration to continue riding are the professional scooter riders, family, friends and anyone who pushes him to reach a higher potential.

Riddell also shares his favourite quote on the site – It doesn’t matter how slow you go as long as you don’t stop.

Competition-wise, he finished fifth overall in the pro division at an event in Port Moody in August. He also earned a ninth place showing in the advanced division at an event in Kelowna in July and finished 13th overall in a scooter competition in Mukilteo, Wash. earlier this summer.

The Mission Skatepark will now become a little less busy with many riders heading back to school, but Riddell will still be training and hitting the ramps when he’s not busy in the books.

Click here to view High Roller Energy Drink's profile.
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