MindPath Care Centers Sponsoring Annual Foundation of Hope Charity Dinner and Auction
Posted on Sep 10, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Committed to community involvement to help increase access to mindcare and raise awareness of addiction recovery for North Carolina residents

MindPath Care Centers, the state's largest outpatient mental and behavioral healthcare provider, is pleased to announce sponsorship of Evening of Hope, the annual charity dinner and auction benefiting The Foundation of Hope for Research & Treatment of Mental Illness. The event will take place Wednesday, September 18, 2019, at the Pavilion at the Angus Barn in Raleigh, N.C. Proceeds will help The Foundation of Hope continue to invest in scientific research and initiatives related to mental health.

This year's event welcomes Emmy-award-winning investigative journalist, TV anchor, author and mental health advocate Elizabeth Vargas as keynote speaker. The event also includes a five-course dinner, live auction and silent auction. Jeff Williams, CEO of MindPath Care Centers at Carolina Partners, and R. Dewayne Book, M.D., Medical Director of the Addiction Recovery Center at MindPath Care Centers, will also be in attendance.

"We are very excited about this opportunity to sponsor this event," says Williams. "At MindPath, we are committed to reducing the stigma associated with behavioral health treatment and to improving access to mindcare. Community involvement, including partnering with The Foundation of Hope and participating in events like Evening of Hope, is a vital part of raising awareness of the importance of mindcare in overall healthcare outcomes."

"The Addiction Recovery Center at MindPath Care Centers is dedicated to highlighting the importance of quality mindcare for individuals struggling with addiction," says Dr. Book. "As our nation faces an epidemic of opioid dependence, it is important to raise scientific awareness of the nature of addiction and offer real hope that treatment provides through appropriate mindcare."

For tickets or more information, call the Foundation office at 919-781-9255, or contact Blair Smallman at blair@walkforhope.com. More information about Evening of Hope is available at walkforhope.com/events/evening-of-hope.

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