Northern Chill, a Premium & Naturally Alkaline Mineral Spring Water, Announces Sponsorship of a World Class Champion Snowmobile Ice Drag Racer
Posted on Sep 6, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Donna Davidson #28, Snowmobile Ice Drag Racer and Five Time ISR World Class Champion gets "powered by" Northern Chill Naturally Alkaline Mineral Spring Water.

Northern Chill, a Premium & Naturally Alkaline Mineral Spring Water, today announces its sponsorship of Donna Davidson #28, a snowmobile ice drag racer and five-time ISR World Class Champion. Donna races for the Strand Enterprises racing team owned by Kenton Strand. Donna will be drinking Northern Chill as part of her health routine and will also be sharing her enjoyment of Northern Chill with her fans throughout the year. Donna and Strand Enterprises share Northern Chill's commitment of having fun while helping people find a high quality and all-natural alkaline water. Donna and her team will make great Ambassadors for Northern Chill. "We are excited to be working with Donna and the Strand Enterprises racing team," says Curt Kufner, Northern Chill's President. "They are great advocates for the benefits of drinking a naturally alkaline water."

ISR World Class Champion snowmobile ice drag racer, Donna Davidson #28, began her racing career in 2012, for Kenton Strand, Owner of Strand Enterprises. She is the recipient of five ISR World Class Champion titles, the only woman to have received the prestigious "High Points" Award – On Ice, at the King of the Bay Snowmobile Drag Races in Ashland, Wisconsin and currently serves as Brand Ambassador for Camso, Inc.; VP Racing Fuels; CastleX; and WiseCo.  Strand Enterprises is a family race team, which also includes: Dustin Strand, Taylor Strand and David Baldwin. "It's hard to explain, but once I leave the hole and go down the race track, I become one with the sled. We work together for the win," says Donna. Donna shares her passion throughout the year by talking with fans and future snowmobilers, educating them about the sport and snowmobile safety at schools, benefits, fundraisers, parades and promotes sponsors' products and services. At events, the race trailer becomes a hands-on display which creates a positive experience for children and adults of all ages to enjoy. She is also involved in many other community events that she is passionate about such as, the Feed My People Organization, community theater and dog adoptions. For more information about Donna and Strand Enterprises racing team, follow and

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