Cowbell Announces Multi-Year Commitment to Blyth Festival
Posted on Jul 23, 2019 by Brad McCabe

The Blyth Festival Theatre is announcing a three-year sponsorship agreement between Blyth Cowbell Brewing Co. and the Blyth Festival. Cowbell Brewing will be the exclusive Hospitality Sponsor and will sponsor the development of a new play, focusing on a remarkable, historic Blyth resident.

"Cowbell Brewing is proud to support the Blyth Festival Theatre, a unique Canadian theatre company," said Grant Sparling II, Cowbell's Chief Development Officer. "The Festival is integral to the culture of our community, the remarkable village that my family has called home for three generations. I am pleased that we are continuing a tradition begun by my grandparents, Grant and Mildred," Sparling said.

The Blyth Festival Theatre is pleased to receive continued generational support from the Sparling family. The Blyth Festival continues to forge a path as a leader in telling authentic rural Canadian stories on stage; providing a voice to this region and across Canada.

"The Sparling family has supported the Festival at every turn, from the very beginning," said Gil Garratt, Artistic Director of the Blyth Festival Theatre. "We are now continuing to grow as a community, as a destination, and as a true Canadian institution. The sponsorship with Cowbell Brewing ensures this tradition will continue. In our 45th Season, we are pleased to have their support to continue our mandate of enriching lives through the arts."

Article by Sarah Hookey as posted on Broadway World.

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