Lakeshore Securities Enters Into Sponsorship Agreement with The Oakville Centre For The Performing Arts
Posted on Jun 19, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Lakeshore Securities, a leading independent investment advisory and portfolio management firm, today announced that it has entered into a Sponsorship Agreement with The Corporation of the Town of Oakville and The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts, effective May 31, 2019.  Lakeshore is Series Sponsor of the 'Classic Albums Live', 'Comedy', and 'In Conversation With' performances for the 2019/2020 Season.

"We are very pleased to support The Oakville Centre for the Performing Arts in its endeavors to nurture Canadian talent, bring world class artists to Oakville and build the cultural strength of the community," stated William Podolsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of Lakeshore.

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