SnoFolio Announces Partnership with U.S. Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association
Posted on Jun 4, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Snowsports Performance Technology Company Expands Support of Athletes with Ski Training Management System

SnoFolio is delighted to announce a partnership with the United States Collegiate Ski and Snowboard Association (USCSA). The partnership furthers SnoFolio's mission of supporting and progressing skiers throughout their lifetime by making its Snowsport performance technology available to more athletes.

The USCSA is recognized as the sports federation for collegiate team ski racing and snowboarding in America. USCSA scores the top three performances out of teams of five. Teams compete in a variety of disciplines, including women's and men's alpine, cross country, snowboarding, freestyle, and jumping. Over 5,000 student athletes compete in USCSA events annually, representing over 170 institutions in 11 Conferences and 6 Regions.

Alec Tandara-Kuhns, Executive Director of the USCSA, says, "The partnership between the USCSA and SnoFolio is a great fit because it offers additional training outlets for our membership from the club level through to the fully funded varsity programs." 

The sponsorship aligns two Snowsport organizations in their mission of retaining skiers throughout their lifetime. SnoFolio will have a presence at USCSA sanctioned events including the 2020 National Championships.

"SnoFolio salutes the USCSA in their efforts of building accessible competitive opportunities for Snowsports athletes that otherwise would not have a venue to compete, and we look forward to supporting USCSA teams and athletes next season," says Mark Cook, CEO/Founder of SnoFolio.

Attendees of the USCSA Summer Conference in Park City are invited to attend a presentation and hands on demo of SnoFolio's ski racing technology SnoPeak, led by Cook at 2pm on June 15. The breakthrough product delivers real-time, on-slope training results, analytics, and athlete performance portfolios and is developed exclusively for the ski racing community. 

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