Toronto Wolfpack Partner with Think Fitness Studios
Posted on Apr 30, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Toronto Wolfpack are delighted to announce a continued partnership with Think Fitness as their Official Gym Partner in Toronto this summer.

The Wolfpack squad will be training three times a week at Think Fitness in the Canary District while in Toronto and stars Bob Beswick and Andrew Dixon will be featuring as guest instructors for classes throughout the season. Wolfpack Head of Strength and Conditioning, Jon Kelly, is also going to be on hand for Personal Training sessions at select times alongside Andrew Dixon.

Kelly spoke about the partnership with Think Fitness and the benefits the squad receives from the arrangement.

Due to our unique travel arrangements it is extremely important for us to have access to excellent facilities, professional staff and an environment that feels like home. Think Fitness provides the Wolfpack with all of that and more and we are thrilled to be partnering again with them in 2019.

Founder of Think Fitness Studios, Brent Bishop, welcomed the Wolfpack back to Toronto and spoke glowingly of the team.

On behalf of everyone at Think Fitness Id like to welcome the Wolfpack back to our facility this summer. It is a real pleasure to support the team with their gym requirements, and we love having the guys around the gym as inspiration for our other members.

The very first Train like the Wolfpackclass takes place on Wednesday, May 1st at 8.20pm at Think Fitness Canary District. Bob Beswick and Andrew Dixon have created sessions that replicate what they undergo at the Pack to keep themselves in elite condition. Focusing on strength, power, endurance, agility and mobility these session are the ideal fitness challenge for anyone wanting to take their training to the next level. The class is included for Think Fitness Members and $25 for non-members. Book by contacting Think Fitness Canary District on +1 416 763 3488 or by emailing

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