Randstad US supports Race Through Space 5K to promote STEM education in Atlanta
Posted on Apr 30, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Partnership with Science ATL reflects Randstad's commitment to inspiring the next generation of STEM talent

 Randstad US announced today their sponsorship of the Atlanta Science Festival's first annual Race Through Space, a 5K race to benefit local STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) education initiatives and increase awareness of STEM careers among young people. It will take place on May 4 in Piedmont Park.

As one of the world's largest HR services and staffing companies, Randstad recognizes the importance of inspiring the next generation of workers and educating employers about the importance of building a strong STEM talent pipeline for the future. Research has found that despite early interest in STEM, enthusiasm among students drops off as they progress through school. Students between the ages of 11 to 14 are 18 percent more likely than students aged 15 to 17 to consider math as one of their favorite subjects. Additionally, misperceptions continue to exist in the minds of many students around the real-world applications of STEM degrees or certifications, further impacting their overall interest in related professions.

"Randstad's research has shown that kids are naturally curious about STEM topics and careers, but this diminishes as they grow up," said Alan Stukalsky, chief digital officer, Randstad North America. "Science ATL, the year round arm of the Atlanta Science Festival, is taking great strides toward making Atlanta a STEM city by creating and promoting easy access to STEM events and educational opportunities throughout the year. We're thrilled to work together on such an incredible initiative to make an even bigger impact on the future of STEM work, and we hope the Race Through Space will be a fun way to open kids' eyes to the world of STEM."
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