Oreo recreates Game of Thrones titles with cookies in largest brand tie-up
Posted on Apr 8, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Mondelez’s Oreo has meticulously reconstructed the stop-motion titles of the Game of Thrones franchise with 2,750 cookies to promote one of its largest-ever brand collaborations.

The reworked version of the lengthy intro was produced by Elastic, the creators of the original Game of Thrones sequence. Running at 50 seconds, the spot evokes the clockwork-like aesthetic of the original with piles of cream and geometric Oreo shapes.Watch the video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xmf-6TYjGuQ

The film was created by agency 360i to promote the brand’s latest limited-edition pack, which features embossed designs of the fantasy houses fighting for the Iron Throne – as well as the face of the White Walkers beyond the wall.

Additionally, fans of the show will be able to pledge their loyalty to House Lannister, House Targaryen, House Stark or The Night King via the brand’s website, Facebook and Twitter pages. Mondelez has cryptically promised to ‘select fans throughout the season with a special treat for participating’ with this direct engagement.

Oreo has been teasing the final-season partnership for a while. Last month, the brand’s senior director, Justin Parnell, said the tie-up is “certainly” Oreo’s biggest collaboration of the year, and potentially its biggest ever.

"[Game of Thrones fans] are doing viewing parties together, they’re bantering online about character plots andthey’re speculating about what’s going to happen,” he said. “It’s definitely a community that’s all about social connections and that’s what makes it relevant for Oreo.

“What we’re doing is fully and wholeheartedly leaning into our brand purpose, which is that we believe in the power of playful spirit to bring people together ... You don’t necessarily think of Game of Thrones as being playful, at least not in the way we think about it. But what we love about this is that Game of Thrones fans are already a real community."

The HBO series has been ramping up its brand partnerships as it approaches the premiere of its final season on 14 April. It teamed up with the American Red Cross for a blood donation spectacle in SXSW last month, and found itself to be one of the major talking points of the Super Bowl in February thanks to a surprise universe collision with Bud Light.

Article by Katie Deighton as posted on The Drum.
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