Fleet Complete to Track Everest Summit, Sponsoring Greek Ultra-Endurance Athlete
Posted on Apr 2, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Fleet Complete is sponsoring Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos in his Mt Everest climbing expedition this spring and will be tracking his ascent from day one through a dedicated telematics platform in 3D.

Certified in Expedition and Travel Medicine, Dr. Georgios-Ioannis Tsianos has been involved in ultra-sporting challenges for more than a decade, continuously defying the boundaries of human limits. This spring, Tsianos will be attempting his second Everest summit since 2004, working together with Fleet Complete to track and map out his ascent through a connected digital platform.

With the sponsorship, Fleet Complete will be providing GPS trackers and access to their telematics platform to track Tsianos' ascent of Mt Everest from day one in 3D. The summit data will include GPS location, altitude and speed, which will be of particular significance in the last 10 days of the climb to the mountain summit.

"Teaming up with Fleet Complete during my expedition to Mt Everest will undoubtedly explore what is possible in tracking human activity, even on earth's most extreme and remote environments. A company with a vision for success and, above all, safety, their technology will provide the reassurance that I need when it matters the most," says Georgios Tsianos.

"We are extremely proud to sponsor Georgios. He is a true pioneer in championing extreme environmental conditions – climbing Mount Everest, swimming the English Channel, and completing the Sahara Desert marathon," says Tony Lourakis, founder and CEO of Fleet Complete. "We at Fleet Complete are strong supporters of innovators, of those who push the boundaries of what is possible, and those who are determined to make their goal a reality. Our goal is to connect everything, everywhere, even if it's Mount Everest."

Prior to his summit attempt, Tsianos' mountaineering expedition will also include the role of a high altitude medic to oversee the 'LMAX Everest Rugby Challenge' at 6,400 meters on the north side of Mt Everest. He will be collaborating with Dr. Andreas Flouris from FAME Lab in Greece as researcher of human physiology in extreme environmental conditions. The scientific data from Mt Everest will be among the first of its kind to be collected under the conditions of severe lack of oxygen and extreme cold.
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