Daigo Umehara shaves on stream after losing Street Fighter 5 online challenge for his new Gillette sponsorship
Posted on Mar 7, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Big corporate sponsors are appearing more and more eager to throw their hats in the eSports ring which has heavily benefited one professional Street Fighter legend in particular while now giving him a smooth face to boot.

Gillette, the company best known for its razor and shaving products, has announced that they are now sponsoring BST|Daigo Umehara as part of their new Gillette Gaming Alliance in partnership with Twitch — which has already led to the seasoned veteran trying out their products live on stream.

To help celebrate the announcement, Daigo held a special Street Fighter 5 Twitch stream where he played using a standard PlayStation 4 pad instead of his arcade stick presenting a challenge that he'd shave on stream if he lost online.

Eleven players / streamers from 11 different countries were selected to partake in the new alliance to help promote them and earn them more funds with the 'Bits for Blades' campaign with Umehara representing Japan. The remaining 10 consist of CourageJD, CiccioGamer89, IzakOOO, Jovirone, Dendi, b0aty, MarikLokurasY, Yapyap30, Mithrain and Papaplatte.

"Through 'Bits for Blades,' the Gillette Gaming Alliance streamers will provide fans the opportunity to earn Twitch Bits, a virtual good users can send in chat to support streamers financially, by buying select Gillette products displayed and discussed by Alliance team members," according to the press release from Gillette. "By clicking on a Gillette-branded banner, viewers can purchase Gillette products through Amazon.com or a third-party vendor and earn at least 250 Twitch Bits in return."

Umehara also has sponsorship and partner deals in place with other brands like Red Bull, HyperX and video game developer / publisher Cygames which helps manage Daigo's own Beast eSports team. You can check out the announcement from Daigo along with his healthy application of shaving cream in the clip below.

Article by Dakota "Dark Horse" Hills as posted on Eventhubs.
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