Hard Rock International Sponsors Live Concert Series at the 70th Sapporo Snow Festival in Hokkaido, Japan
Posted on Feb 25, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Snow Festival Sets Record Attendance of 2.74 Million Tourists

In its continued effort to support local families and business affected by the recent earthquake in Hokkaido, Hard Rock Japan hosted a complimentary four-day "Hard Rock Family Live" concert series featuring top national artists to perform during the week of Hokkaido's famous Sapporo Snow Festival. Hard Rock Japan received thousands of entries through an online ticket sweepstakes giveaway, resulting in over 5,300 fans from all over Hokkaido and mainland Japan being randomly selected to enjoy an immersive evening watching top artists Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, MIYAVI, Hatsune Miku and DA PUMP perform at Sapporo's Public Concert Hall Feb. 4-7.

As part of Hard Rock's dedication to inspiring young future artists around the globe, Hard Rock Japan also partnered with local music schools and dance groups to be the opening acts for all four bands. The opening acts included a Japanese traditional Taiko drum performance by Sapporo Sosei High School, a 63-piece brass band ensemble from Hokkai High School, a cappella group by Hokkaido University and a hip-hop dance performance/competition by Sapporo Ryukoku Gakuen that was judged by DA PUMP.

  • Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – Is a popular J-Pop artist whose hit singles include "Pon Pon Pon," "Candy Candy" and "Fashion Monster." She is also known to media as a "Harajuku Pop Princess" She has been named the ambassador of Tokyo's trendy Harajuku neighborhood and has played in almost all the major festivals in Japan. Kyary has signed a U.S. distribution deal with Sire Records.
  • MIYAVI - Is a Japanese guitarist, singer-songwriter, record producer and actor known for his finger-slapping style of playing the guitar. He has been nominated for multiple MTV awards and won Best Collaboration in 2013. In 2014, Miyavi appeared in the motion picture Unbroken, directed by Angelina Jolie, and went on to other roles in American productions such as Kong: Skull Island and Stray. In 2015 MIYAVI became interested in the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) where he wrote a song about his experience called "The Others." The following year, in collaboration with UNHCR Special Envoy Angelina Jolie, a music video of his song was released. In Nov. 2017, MIYAVI was appointed as a UNHCR Goodwill Ambassador.
  • Hatsune Miku - As a virtual idol Vocaloid (singing voice synthesizer), Hatsune Miku performed her first "live" concert during Animelo Summer Live at the Saitama Super Arena on Aug. 22, 2009Hatsune Miku has evolved into a phenomenon amongst the cyberculture, with Miku-related content created and shared every day around the globe. Miku is quickly becoming an icon in the cyber creative community. She is also the main performer of sold-out 3D concerts worldwide, even appearing in TV commercials for Toyota USA and Google. Miku has also been featured on the Late Show with David Letterman.
  • DA PUMP - Is a male Japanese hip-hop band made up of lead vocalist, Issa Hentona and six other members who debuted back in 1997 with the hit single "Feelin Good – It's Paradise." The band went through a reorganization and had their first big hit single in over four years this past summer called "U.S.A." - which became the No. 1 song in Japan. DA PUMP performed in Hokkaido for the first time since they became their current seven-member group, and the fans could not have been more pleased.

During the Hard Rock Family Live concerts, Hard Rock invited local guests with hearing disabilities to enjoy the shows with the assistance of a round shaped electronic device called a "Sound Hug." The prototype devices are wired to the sound system so that guests can experience the music in real-time, which is felt by varying levels of vibration along with strobing mood colors coming from the Sound Hug.

In addition to the Hard Rock Family Live concert series, Hard Rock sponsored a massive snow sculpture towering over four-stories showcasing Hatsune Miku, the 3D holographic Vocaloid popstar. Measuring 22 meters wide, 15 meters high and 15 meters front to back, it took roughly 2,000 members from the Japan Self Defense Force, hundreds of hours and 650 dump trucks carrying approximately 2-3 tons of snow each, to construct the enormous snow sculpture of "Miku." 

"I am so proud Hard Rock Japan was able to be a part of this year's record-setting attendance during Sapporo's 70thSnow Festival event," said Ado Machida, president of Hard Rock Japan. "From our 'Hatsune Miku' snow sculpture sponsorship to our Hard Rock Family Live concerts, Hard Rock was able to give local residents and tourists a taste of what the future World-Class Hard Rock Entertainment Resort will bring to Hokkaido."
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