Coros Wearables To Sponsor Eliud Kipchoge And NN Running Team

Posted on Nov 25, 2020 by SGB Media

Coros has added Eliud Kipchoge as its newest pro athlete ambassador and will become the official GPS Watch partner of the NN Running Team, which includes Kipchoge. 

“Eliud is perhaps the greatest runner of our generation if not all time, a talent like his does not come around too often, and we could not be prouder to partner with such an inspiring athlete. It’s an honor for Coros technology and products to be used by the best runners in the world including Eliud. His mantra of No Human is Limited and the Coros slogan Explore Perfection are the perfect fit. The partnership also opens up possibilities to bring Eliud’s experience in running and training to the Coros platform together building better products for runners and athletes globally” said Coros CEO Lewis Wu. 

Valentijn Trouw, performance director of global sports Communication, the management agency of Eliud Kipchoge and the NN Running Team, explains the benefits of the cooperation between the two companies:  “We are excited to welcome Coros as a new partner to Eliud Kipchoge and the NN Running Team. It is in our DNA to aspire for longevity. For our athletes we seek a long-term career with hopefully much success along the way. For our partners we aim for long-term mutually beneficial relationships with the aim of making each other stronger. We believe today’s announcements fulfils both of these missions.” 

Kipchoge said, “I am proud to announce our new partnership with Coros and I look forward to working together with their development team. I will be giving feedback from my daily experiences with their products. I hope this will contribute to the development of the products and enhance the running experience for runners all around the world. I support the development of the sport and believe that watches can help us obtain crucial insights into our training. I hope our partnership will add a new dimension and bring joy to people’s running experience.” 



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