RYU Announces Landmark Multi-Year Partnership with Canada Skateboard

Posted on Nov 12, 2020 by RYU Apparel Inc.

RYU Becomes Official High-Performance Apparel and Innovation Partner of Canada Skateboard through 2023  

RYU Apparel Inc., a creator of award-winning urban athletic apparel, is pleased to announce entry into a 3-year partnership as the Official High Performance Apparel Provider for Canada Skateboard.  

RYU is eager to provide high performance, scientifically engineered urban athletic gear for Canada Skateboard's athletes, including those representing Canada at the Olympic Games. 

Partnership Highlights and Benefits:   
  • Developing and outfitting Canada Skateboard at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to be held in 2021. 
  • Providing technical urban athletic apparel and gear for high-performance skateboard training camps.  
  • Achieving increased brand exposure through social media collaborations with the Canadian Skateboard Team.  
  • Heightening viewership and brand recognition through participation in National team announcements.  
  • Expanding exposure through rights to promote sales and product information to Canada Skateboard and its membership.  

RYU's partnership with Canada Skateboard aligns RYU with Canada Skateboard's mission to make the sport accessible, safe and welcoming for all. An important component of this mission includes SheCanSk8, a coast to coast initiative which promotes skateboarding for girls and women, showcasing national talent and providing a network for sharing experiences, exchanging ideas and building the skateboarding culture Canadian girls and women want. 

"We are honored to launch this partnership with Canada Skateboard. There is no team in the world more exciting and important for a athletics brand to be part of. Our brand commends and supports the hard, dedication and discipline that these athletes have put into competing at the international level and I believe the athletes will be extremely satisfied with the performance attributes of RYU Apparel" commented Cesare Fazari, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of RYU Apparel. 

"On behalf of Canada Skateboard's board of directors, staff and volunteers I'm pleased to announce our multi-year partnership with RYU Apparel Inc. As the national governing body shepherding Canadian skateboarders toward their first Olympics, it has been paramount to partner with a domestic brand sharing in our vision and beliefs. RYU's commitment to quality garments and sustainability makes them an ideal partner. We look forward to developing Canadian made, high-quality apparel to showcase on the world stage" said Ben Stoddard the President of Canada Skateboard.  

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