Sodexo Canada is a sponsor of the Teweikan 2019 Indigenous Music Gala
Posted on Feb 5, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Sodexo is proud to support the Teweikan 2019 Indigenous Music Gala. As one of the sponsors of this unique celebration of Indigenous talent, Sodexo is pleased to work with the Atikamek-Montagnais Communication Society and to help welcome musicians from Quebec and Labrador.

"Sodexo is honoured to be part of an event that showcases the vibrant talent of Indigenous artists. They play an important role in our understanding and appreciation of Indigenous culture and heritage," says Katherine Power, Vice President Corporate Affairs and Communications.

The Société de communication Atikamekw-Montagnais (Socam) is presenting this musical event for the third year and will take place on October 2 in Trois-Rivières. More information can be found on this link.
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