Clearweather Brand Sponsors Karate Combat Hollywood
Posted on Feb 1, 2019 by Brad McCabe

The full contact karate league signed the premium footwear company to sponsor Karate Combat: Hollywood, the live broadcast event; Hosts Bas Rutten, FaZe Sensei and the global roster of fighters wore Cloud Stryk cross trainers

Karate Combat, the first mainstream professional martial arts league, named Clearweather Brand as a sponsor of its live-broadcast event on January 31st. This is the first sports sponsorship from the Santa Ana based premium footwear company, whose slogan is “Less Corporate. More Independent.” Clearweather outfitted the event’s hosts, Bas Rutten, Sean Wheelock, Rosci Diaz, and FaZe Sensei with Cloud Stryk cross trainers in blue and red. The 18 male and female fighters competing in the event also wore the Cloud Stryk’s when not barefoot in the Karate Combat Fighting Pit. All Karate Combat events are available on the league’s site

Karate Combat: Hollywood took place before a VIP-only audience of celebrities and sports and entertainment industry executives and was live streamed globally. Replays are available at

Clearweather Brand’s products are an expression of the Southern California lifestyle, engineered by founders Josh and Brandon Brubaker to recreate classics for the future with clever design and quality materials. The shoes can be found in influential outlets such as Barneys NY, Ron Herman Japan, Doe Shanghai, American Rag CIE and Dover Street Market. Notable collaborations have included a collaboration with Black Thought of The Roots, that included a limited edition sneaker in a custom picnic basket (in honor of  the 10th Anniversary of the Picnic Festival in Philadelphia). 

“Clearweather Brand is the ideal choice to be the league’s first apparel sponsor,” said Michael DePietro, CEO of Karate Combat. “Brandon and Josh bring asymmetrical surprises and fine craftsmanship to their sneakers just like we are revitalizing and honoring karate with a new presentation of the sport.”

Karate Combat: Hollywood is the startup martial arts league’s first event of the year as it expands to ten events worldwide for 2019, and adds the pursuit of The Golden Belt to the season. The Fight Card features karateka from Brazil, Russia, Scotland, France, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Ecuador, and the U.S. 
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