Larkaun Homes Squash Courts unveiled at Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre
Posted on Jan 18, 2019 by Brad McCabe

Red Deer College unveiled the Larkaun Homes Squash Courts at a private event Wednesday in the Gary W. Harris Canada Games Centre/Centre des Jeux du Canada Gary W. Harris.

In recognition of their $100,000 investment in support of the college's Shaping Our Future campaign, the Larkaun Homes Squash Courts will be so named for the next 10 years.

“We were excited to be involved with this project because of how this facility reflects our values. Our young families, and the families that define the Larkaun Homes family, can feel connected to a building that supports health, teamwork, work ethic, friendship and more!” says Cory Kaun, co-owner of Larkaun Homes

This unique, second floor space separates the Collicutt Performance Fitness Zone from the Fas Gas – On the Run Gymnasium. These four individual, international-level squash courts will be the site for the squash competition during the 2019 Canada Winter Games. The Larkaun Homes Squash Courts are already a popular feature of the Centre, and are available for community members of all ages to use, whether as part of a total fitness program included with Centre membership, or to non-members who just want to try out this fun, indoor sport.

“As alumni, we’re especially proud to give back to the College. We are truly excited to participate in this growth and development as our kids grow into young adults and are able to utilize all of the amenities at RDC,” says Kaun. “As another recession has become the ‘new normal,’ now more than ever, we are grateful for the opportunity to contribute to a community facility that improves the lives of our families, our employees’ families, and families across our region.”

For Red Deer College, the continued support from Larkaun Homes has provided opportunities for a number of learners to access programming – both through their direct support for Trades scholarships and general support for programming and facilities development.

“To demonstrate such support for Red Deer College is a real reflection of Larkaun Homes’ commitment to our learners, and to the health and wellness of our community. It is truly a remarkable investment,” says Michael Donlevy, Vice President Business Development. “As a successful business that has established a solid reputation in their industry, Larkaun Homes has long supported our College through scholarships, sponsorships and special events. We’re proud to honour that long-standing community commitment and to reflect their significant sponsorship with this prominent naming.”

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