RYU Supports 2018 Canada's Walk Of Fame as Premier Partner
Posted on Dec 6, 2018 by Brad McCabe

RYU, creators of urban athletic apparel, is proud to be part of the 2018 Canada's Walk Of Fame as Premier Partner, alongside some of the most important internationally recognized Canadian brands.

This year Canada's Walk Of Fame marks its 20th anniversary of recognizing and celebrating Canadians who have excelled on national and international stages in their respective fields. Seth Rogen & Evan GoldbergLeonard CohenChris HadfieldTessa Virtue and Scott MoirAndrea MartinAndy Kim and Jimmy Pattison were this year's inductees. The awards show took place  in Toronto on December 1st, at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.

RYU, which stands for Respect Your Universe, presented a sampling of its product line to the audience as well as hosted a VIP gathering where celebrities from across North America learned about the RYU movement with many of them ordering merchandise after the event.

"Canada's Walk Of Fame is the premier organization that brings the top Canadians together and is the best expression of our home country. Our principles are so much aligned with the ones at the foundation of the organization and we are extremely honoured to share such an important stage with them," said Marcello Leone, CEO of RYU. "All the inductees excel internationally in their respective categories, and our goal is to replicate their success: we are at the early stages of the journey but we look at these personalities as a source of inspiration."

The show will be broadcast across Canada on Sunday, December 9th, on CTV at 9PM.   
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