SSQ Insurance renews as title sponsor of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon for the next five years
Posted on Nov 29, 2018 by Brad McCabe

SSQ Insurance demonstrates its solidarity and social commitment through its annual fundraising campaign and its partnership with the SSQ Quebec City Marathon. Over the last 13 years, the company has donated more than $ 1 million to regional causes.

At this year's event, SSQ Insurance chose to support the Œuvres Jean Lafrance, an organization whose mission is to assist and support underprivileged boys, with an $81,662 donation. In addition to the amounts collected from providers and partners, SSQ Insurance gave $2 for every kilometre ran or walked by its employees and their family members. An extra $5 was donated for each SSQ Health 5K registration and all participants could also make donations on their own.

"For SSQ Insurance, communities make us want to be socially committed. We are proud of the important contribution we've been able to make to the community over the last 13 years. What's more, we are happy to announce that we recently renewed our association as title sponsor of the SSQ Quebec City Marathon for the next five years," said Jean-François Chalifoux, Chief Executive Officer of SSQ Insurance.
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