Oshawa’s Legends Centre renamed for Delpark Homes after $1.5 million sponsorship deal
Posted on Nov 23, 2018 by Brad McCabe

The popular Legends Centre will now be known as the Delpark Homes Centre, after the home builder signed a 10-year naming rights agreement with Oshawa.

City officials announced the deal Nov. 15,  for the community centre located in north Oshawa at 1661 Harmony Rd. N.

Oshawa initially entered into a five-year agreement with Delpark for the sponsorship of Arena 4 at the community centre in March, and the deal was further expanded to include the naming rights for the Legends Centre following a closed meeting of council in May.

The Legends deal will generate $150,000 annually for the city for a total of $1.5 million.

Mayor John Henry said Oshawa already has existing relationships for sponsorship at recreation facilities, including the $2.5 million 10-year-deal for the naming rights to the Tribute Communities Centre.

“This could be the first community centre (in Durham) that has been named after a company, but Delpark is a big part of our community. They’re here, it’s a great partnership in one of the busiest recreation facilities in Durham,” he said Friday.

Henry added that last year 1.5 million people passed through the doors of the community centre and that doesn’t include people who use outdoor facilities only like the splash pad, playground or skate park.

At a cake-cutting ceremony on Nov. 15, Henry thanked the home builder for the investment in the city.

“As a family-run business, we understand the value of family,” Mark Di Giovanni, vice-president land development for Delpark Homes said in a statement. “Our commitment has always been about building beautiful homes and neighbourhoods where families can grow and thrive. 

“As a home builder, community is very important to us, and families often find themselves at recreational facilities like this one. Delpark Homes Centre is where new families gather for sports and activities, spend time with one another, learn about their neighbourhoods and meet people. We have long-term plans in Oshawa and Durham Region, so taking on the naming rights for Delpark Homes Centre made sense to us as it connected so well with our values.”

Di Giovanni added that he expected new homeowners who buy Delpark Homes in Oshawa will enjoy the community centre.

Article by Reka Szekely as posted on DurhamRegion.com
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