The 31 sponsorship deals that made Cristiano Ronaldo the world’s highest paid athlete... the Real Madrid star's endorsements range from Nike to KFC
Posted on Apr 2, 2018 by Brad McCabe

Cristiano Ronaldo is arguably the most marketable sportsman on the planet with brands lining up to work with the Real Madrid star. 

In total the five-time Ballon d'Or winner has held 31 sponsorship deals, all contributing to him being the highest paid athlete on the planet.

No matter the industry, brands are falling over themselves to be associated with Ronaldo, whether it is Egyptian Steel or pharmaceutical company Abbott Laboratories. 

Though figures are not available for all of his sponsors, Ronaldo's biggest partner is Nike. 

The sportswear giant pays their ambassador £21million annually having first signed with them way back in 2003. 

Castrol are another on the list to have agreed multiple deals with the Portuguese over his incredible career. 

Telecommunications company ZTE joined forces with Ronaldo in 2017 and supplement his income with £3m per year.

It seems there is no slowing down of endorsements either, despite the 33-year-old heading into the twilight of his career. 

Toyota are the latest global giant to sign Ronaldo tin 2018 and he is in a strong position to hold onto top spot in the athletes rich list again.

Once he hangs up the boots there will be a vast array of opportunities to exploit simply by associating his reputation as one of the best players in history with willing, and paying parties.

Nike - 2003-2010: $5.09M

Banco Espirito Santo - 2003-

Castrol - 2009-2011: $4.5M

Emporio Armani - 2009-2013: $1.6M

Soccerade - 2009-

Nike - 2010-2014: $8.05M

Castrol - 2011-2013:

Konami - 2011-2013:

KFC - 2013-2016: $0.75M

Herbalife - 2013-2018: $0.5M

JBS - 2013- : $0.5M

Samsung - 2013- :

Jacob and Co. - 2013- :

Nike - 2014-2016: $23.27M

TAG Heuer - 2014- : $1.0M

Clear Shampoo - 2014- :$0.5M

Sportlobster - 2014- :

MTG - 2014- :

Emirates Airlines; 2014- : 2015- : $0.5M

Abbot Laboratories - 2015- : $0.5M

Altice - 2015- :

Smaaash Entertainment - 2015-2020:

Nike - 2016- : $30.0M

ZTE - 2016-2017: $4,47M

XTrade - 2016- :

Exness - 2017-2018: $0.5M

PanzerGlass - 2017-2019: $0.5M

Egyptian Steel - 2017- :

American Tourister - 2017-2019: $0.4M


Article by Will Griffee as posted on MailOnline

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