Toyota revs up Vernon sports centre
Posted on Mar 16, 2018 by Brad McCabe

Vernon's indoor soccer pitch has secured a sponsor for the next six years.

Vernon Toyota has stepped in to provide the facility with $15,000 a year and in return, the facility will be known as the Vernon Toyota Indoor Sports Centre.

Kyle Johnson, with Vernon Toyota, said sponsoring the facility was a good fit for the local auto dealer.

“Vernon Toyota is part of the active lifestyle store and what a better way to be a part of something than an active lifestyle building,” said Johnson. “It's a nice fit for us. The opportunity came up and we took it.”

Kai Tolpinrud, general manager of the facility and general manager of the High Performance Soccer Club, said he was thrilled with the sponsorship.

“This is fantastic. Without community sponsorship like this, these kinds of facilities wouldn't be able to go, and the importance of the centre to the soccer community is incredible,” said Tolpinrud.

Weather limits the amount of time local teams can practice outside, which puts them at a disadvantage when competing against players from the Lower Mainland who can practice pretty much year round.

The indoor soccer field gives aspiring soccer players in the North Okanagan the same chance to train 12 months out of the year.

“It's vital at all levels of soccer from three and four year olds all the way up to adults,” Tolpinrud said.

“We have more than just soccer in here. We are full from September, right through until the outdoor fields open.”

Baseball, lacrosse, ultimate Frisbee and other groups benefit from the indoor field as well.

“It really is an all-sports centre,” he said.

Article by Darren Handschuh as posted on Castanet

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