Artemis Project Partners With Yamana Gold To Support Women Entrepreneurs And Advance Innovation and Diversity In Mining

Posted on Aug 31, 2020 by Artemis Project Canada

Artemis Project, an organization established to accelerate business outcomes for female entrepreneurs in the mining and metals industry, is pleased to announce Yamana Gold ("Yamana") (TSX: YRI) (NYSE: AUY) as its Founding Industry Sponsor. 

Yamana, a senior gold mining producer with five operating mines in the Americas, will collaborate with companies in the Artemis Project network, gaining access to high value female entrepreneurs and cutting-edge ideas that advance innovation and sustainability at Yamana and increase the diversity of its supply chain. 

"We are delighted to welcome Yamana Gold as our Founding Industry Sponsor for Artemis Project," said Heather Gamble, Co-Founder of the Artemis Project and CEO of Women on the Move. "Artemis Project counts on the support of Industry Sponsors like Yamana to provide high profile support and engagement for our mission to raise awareness and opportunities for collaboration between mining companies and female entrepreneurs, which will help drive innovation and diversity and increase return on investment for mining companies." 

Laura Mottola, Co-Founder of Artemis Project and CEO of Flow Partners, added, "We look forward to continuing to work with Yamana and pursuing unique areas to support its innovation strategy. It is important for organizations like Artemis Project and companies such as Yamana to work together to improve access to innovative solutions and accelerate competitive equity for Canadian mining companies." 

Yohann Bouchard, Senior Vice President of Operations at Yamana, said, "We're pleased to support Artemis Project as the Founding Industry Sponsor, and we welcome the opportunity to develop further business relationships with these outstanding entrepreneurs. This will help build their profile and capacity and strengthen our innovation program and diversity within our supply chain. On an industry level, we believe that partnering with organizations like Artemis Project will help raise industry standards by increasing support for female entrepreneurs, an innovative source of talent whose products and services can only make our industry better." 

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