Announces Partnership with the Florida Panthers
Posted on Jan 4, 2022 by Brad McCabe, the all-in-one influence and rewards app for sports fans across the world, continued its North American expansion today with the announcement of a new marketing and advertising partnership with the Florida Panthers.

"We are very excited to partner with the Panthers," said CEO Alexandre Dreyfus. "South Florida is an international melting pot of people and we look forward to helping the Panthers engage with fans in their local market and across the globe." will receive marketing assets in conjunction with the Panthers, including presenting sponsor of the three stars of the game, which honors the top players on the ice each night in arena and on social media.

"We're excited to join's elite group of partners as the world's top blockchain provider for the sports industry," said Panthers Chief Commercial Officer Shawn Thornton. "We look forward to providing quality content across both brands." is a direct-to-consumer (D2C) platform that leverages blockchain technology to provide the world's leading sporting organizations with the tools to engage with and monetize their global fanbases. The company has multiple office locations around the world and has opened new regional headquarters in Madrid, Istanbul, São Paulo and Buenos Aires in 2021, with a new office in North America to open in the near future.

The newest members of the family join a network of more than 100 major sporting organizations on the roster, including 25 NBA franchises and the NFL's New England Patriots. Internationally, the list of partners features European soccer giants FC Barcelona, Paris Saint-Germain, Juventus, AC Milan, Atlético Madrid, Valencia Manchester City, Inter Milan, Arsenal and the Argentina and Portugal national soccer teams, as well as a number of leading teams from F1, esports and cricket.
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