Hittin' The Road: Canada Drives To Deliver The Grey Cup To Hamilton
Posted on Nov 16, 2021 by Brad McCabe
“The CFL is deeply-rooted in the hearts of Canadians across the country,” said Cody Green, Founder and Co-CEO of Canada Drives. “The Grey Cup means so much to so many Canadians, and we couldn’t be more excited to play such an important part in adding another chapter to Grey Cup history.”

In addition to strategic activations throughout Grey Cup Week, Canada Drives will leave a lasting impression with fans across the country throughout the playoffs on the road to Hamilton. At each playoff game and at the Grey Cup, Canada Drives will be giving one lucky fan a pair of 2022 CFL season tickets.

“Much like our commitment to providing the best in convenience and care for our customers, we’re equally as dedicated to delivering to them the fun and action that only the CFL can bring,” added Green.
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