Community pride is at the core of this hockey sponsorship
Posted on Feb 12, 2021 by Brad McCabe

The “good old hockey game,” means much more than the thrill of heading down to the local arena and seeing some great action on the ice.

For Westland Insurance, the game is a big part of the community and the people it serves. That’s why the company is a significant supporter of the Yorkton Terriers and named sponsor of the community arena.

“The Terriers are a big community attraction, the biggest for sports in Yorkton. It brings families to the community from all over Canada, and it’s a great way to introduce younger children to hockey,” says Jason Farrell, Westland’s General Manager in Yorkton.

Previously, Farrell Agencies supported the team for many years, and Westland Insurance, which acquired Farrell in 2019, continues that tradition.

While involvement in sponsoring local hockey helps support the many businesses in Yorkton, Farrell says the community also benefits from the team’s presence in many other ways.

“The team makes a concerted effort to have their players out in the community volunteering and other community-related PR initiatives,” Farrell says.

“They are visible in Yorkton, and it shows how important it is to the team that they are giving back to the community that supports them.”

Unfortunately, current COVID-19 pandemic health restrictions have put those community interactions on hold, but the team remains ready to lace up their skates and represent Yorkton when they get the chance.

“It’s been frustrating with all the protocols we put in place to get the season started just to get shut down,” says Dylan Johnson, the Terriers’ marketing and public relations manager. “We are hoping to still be able to play a very shortened season once the government gives us the green light, but until then, it’s been a waiting game.”

Still, the team is thankful for the support it gets from fans, and Westland for keeping hockey front and centre.

“The support from Westland Insurance and the community towards the Terriers means more than words can describe,” Johnson says. “The Terriers rely on community support as we are a community-owned team.

The support we get from Westland Insurance, and others gives us a chance to have a team here in Yorkton that residents can cheer for and be proud of.”

“All the players know that without the community support, there would be no team.”

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