Anaconda Presents $10,000 for Free Swim Program
Posted on Aug 30, 2017 by Brad McCabe

Anaconda Mining Inc. was pleased to present a cheque for $10,000 in the second of a five-year $50,000 commitment to the Baie Verte regional swim program. The commitment was prompted by the overwhelming success of an initiative started in 2015 to provide youth in the region with free swimming lessons.

Prior to the 2015 summer season, average annual enrolment at the Baie Verte regional pool was about 40 swimmers, however it now exceeds 180 participants each year. Over 460 lesson blocks (10 lessons per block) or approximately 4600 free swimming lessons have been sponsored by Anaconda over the past three summers.

"The Point Rousse Project has been Anaconda's flagship operation with most of our employees living in the Baie Verteregion. Companies and communities thrive when they work together, and we are pleased to give back to those who have supported Anaconda as employees, contractors, suppliers and neighbours. Sponsorship of the swim program at the Baie Verte regional pool provides an opportunity for young people throughout the region to benefit from Anaconda's success while developing a safety skill that they will enjoy for a lifetime."
Dustin Angelo, President & CEO, Anaconda Mining

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