Capitals, Devils, Predators to feature sponsor decal on helmets this season
Posted on Dec 29, 2020 by Brad McCabe

When the Washington Capitals and New Jersey Devils meet this season, their helmets will be used for something besides protection.

Both announced Tuesday that they will have a sponsor's decal featured on their helmets, the first two NHL teams to take advantage of the "helmet entitlement partner" program. They were later joined by the Nashville Predators, and more could follow.

The Capitals helmet will feature a decal for Capital One. The Devils helmet will have one for Prudential Financial. The Predators will have a Bridgestone decal on theirs.

The three teams already have a partnership with the companies. The Capitals play at Capital One Arena, the Devils at Prudential Center and Predators at Bridgestone Arena.
The decals will be worn in practice and in home and road games. The program will bring in additional revenue at a time when the coronavirus pandemic will limit the number of fans in the stands.

NHL arenas have ads on the boards, but this is the first time that one will be on a piece of equipment, outside of a manufacturer logo. European team jerseys, though, are filled with sponsor names.

The 56-game season is scheduled to open on Jan. 13.

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